What others say about working with us

Oasis International School, Cairo

Esmat Lamai - Directrice

“You have inspired my staff – thank you”

Orley Farm Preparatory School, Harrow, London

Tim Calvey - Headmaster

“Thank you so much for last Wednesday, it was fantastic from so many angles. I can honestly say that I have not seen a day of staff training yield so much change. Every day I have seen classes in the grounds with staff who would not have done so before.”

[Consultancy and staff training day]

Westfield Community School, Wigan

Sarah Walton - Foundation Subject Manager

“An exceptional start to our academic year…. perfectly tailored to meet our school needs….incredibly well presented and successful day. Since then, all teaching staff have been out and led sessions with groups or whole classes, whilst being able to confidently assess and manage any risks.”

[Consultancy and staff training day]

Churchill Community College, North Tyneside

Alan Strachan - Director of Extended Services

“As a facilitator Anita not only brings her wealth of experience in developing school grounds but also a genuine empathy for working with young people and an irresistible enthusiasm for her subject. Her sessions are always interactive and ‘practise what they preach’ by making use of outdoor spaces whatever the weather!”

[Project development and implementation]

Whole Campus Learning

Gary Burn - Managing Director

“The depth of Anita’s knowledge, understanding and experience truly qualify her as an “expert” in the use and improvement of school grounds for children’s learning and development.  Her insight and creative thinking, coupled with an empathy for individual’s preferred learning styles, make her a highly effective trainer and facilitator; whilst her professional approach and proven track record for project management and delivery will assure the success of even the most challenging projects.

[Project development and implementation]

Ponteland Childcare Services, Northumberland

Sandra Brown - Director

“Anita has been an invaluable source of information, advice and support in the development of our outdoor area. She has understood our vision and is guiding us on our journey.

[Consultancy, project development and implementation]

Darras Hall First School

Susan Smith - Early Years Unit

“We thoroughly enjoyed working with Anita.  She gave us encouragement and confidence from the outset, especially with her ideas for involving the children at every stage of development.  With her guidance we were able to transform an unused corner into a truly magical experience for all.

[Project design and delivery]

Maadi Community School, Cairo

Felicity Jaffrey - Principal

“I do not know how to commend the invaluable and encouraging advice given to us by Maximising Learning highly enough, our school is a better place because they encouraged us to believe that we can do this even within such a challenging environment.

[Consultancy and project implementation, development of school grounds and contextualised learning]

Stephenson Memorial Primary School

Justine Stephens - Class Teacher

“When faced with such a large and bare barren area to transform its hard to know where to begin. However with Anita’s help and support we were able to hand ownership of the playgrounds true potential as a learning environment to the children. To watch their development and confidence grow has been truly inspiring.”

[Consultancy, project design and implementation]

Learning Through Landscapes

Antoinette Oglethorpe - Leadership Development Consultant & Coach

“I have worked with Anita many times when she has been part of a team of facilitators. She is an invaluable member of any such team. She has excellent facilitation skills, develops great rapport with students and goes out of her way to exchange ideas and support other facilitators. Anita is very creative and particularly skilled at developing engaging activities which ensures her training and facilitation is always enjoyable as well as valuable.”

[Staff Training]

Pendle Vale College, Nelson

Steve Wilson – Headteacher

“Tim worked with us to help really kick start the whole agenda of adventure and out-of-classroom learning at Pendle Vale. His knowledge and experience have really helped our staff to consider what might be possible with young people, whilst at the same time facilitating an ongoing debate about how these experiences really add value. Tim knows what questions to ask and has a real focus on making a programme sustainable within schools – not just reliant on outside help. We were able to take 12 staff away on an excellent residential to look at the possibilities of outdoor learning and the inspiration of this weekend and the subsequent discussions has led to us running Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, in a sustainable way, in school for over 70 young people.

Tim fully understands the standards agenda that drives schools and has a genuine and focused approach to making sure that any outdoor or adventure programme enhances this. We hope to continue to work with Tim, and his network of other outdoor professionals, to continue our journey for time to come”

[Consultancy, staff development and project implementation]

Palatine Community Sports College

Graham Little - Head of Outdoor Education

“Tim’s work organising and delivering expeditions has provided life changing experiences for our students (and staff!)”

[Consultancy and implementation of adventure education programme, staff development and training]

Tower Wood Outdoor Education Centre

Andy Murphy - Head of Outdoor Education

“No-one does anything as adventurous as this but it is amongst the most safely organised – this really does set the benchmark for real outdoor education.”

“…real situations demanding real levels of commitment in appropriately challenging environments…”

“…rather than being offered solutions to real problems in challenging environments, Tim, with perfect timing, proffers the question “what shall we do now?”

“…the adventurous programmes of personal and social development that are organised by Tim and his team are something very special. The expeditions have, for me, come to define what is the very best in outdoor education provision.”

“The staff team intuitively established an appropriate set of educational values, aims and expectations and worked in extremis to create a spirit which percolated down to the young people.”

“It is wonderful to see Tim and his team giving individuals the opportunities to take charge of their own lives, making the right decisions and encouraging teamwork, co-operation and cheerfulness in challenging circumstances. There have been some remarkable performances by young people on this trip and I am sure that it will be seen by most as one of the defining moments of their school careers.”

[Project development]

Home and Hospital Service, Blackpool

Lesley Slack - Director

“The opportunity to have such expert support to develop the programme has resulted in some of our most anxious students overcoming challenges and having experiences that they would never have dreamed of. To witness personal development and the associated increase in confidence of the students, as it happens in the ‘field’, is one of the greatest joys of working as a teacher. This can only serve to increase their ability to overcome the personal anxieties that many have in their own lives.”

[Consultancy and implementation of adventure education programme, staff support and training]

Blackpool Youth Service

Mike Jessett - Director - Outdoor Education

“Tim has …the skills to transfer the theory and opportunities provided by outdoor experience into real learning for his students. In particular, this has been achieved with groups and individuals over an extended period, where the long term benefits can be tracked and recorded.”

[Project implementation and delivery]

Palatine Community Sports College

Mrs D Cleary - Head of Year 11 Achievement

“The benefits of taking pupils out of their everyday, urban surroundings to Glencoul, was absolutely invaluable. I saw our pupils shine.
The experiences gained have, without a doubt, developed them into more independent and motivated young people.”

[Project development and expedition leadership]

Blackpool Youth Service

Bal Gill - Operations Director

“…an excellent programme whereby the whole process is one of development, growth and responsibility. From the moment the group arrives the whole process becomes experiential in nature, with calculated and controlled risks which the group or individuals have to take responsibility for.This type of outdoor education is what experiential training is all about”

“…a challenging programme built on the best traditions of experiential learning and social education – the views of young people are not only sought, but they are encouraged to think for themselves and to take responsibility for the decisions that they make.”

“All the Health and Safety aspects are taken very seriously with enough opportunities for young people to be outside of their comfort zones but within very capable and experienced hands.”

“The standards expected are high and from the evidence gained through discussion the group are achieving these very well indeed.”

[Project development and implementation]

Working with Children

“You can see and do and learn more stuff because you’ve got fresh air in your brain.”

“It gives me a sense of freedom that you can’t get in a classroom.”

“I’d love to be out here more often. I have found my place of peace.”

“I like being taught in the wildlife area – its lots of fun without all the worries. You sit back and relax and let nature take you away into your imagination and do whatever it wants to do.”

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