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Maximising Learning has over 60 years experience in motivating and training staff to initiate, develop and run progressive outdoor and adventurous learning programmes – in schools , colleges and youth organisations – working with children and staff in a diverse range of environments from British classrooms and concrete playgrounds to the mountaintops of Europe and the Western Deserts of Egypt. Our three directors are experts in their areas – which when overlapped gives you a sum which is greater than its three constituent parts.

This ensures progression right across your school.

“…thank you so much for last Wednesday, it was fantastic from so many angles. I can honestly say that I have not seen a day of staff training yield so much change. Every day I have seen classes in the grounds with staff who would not have done so before.”

Tim Calvey – Headmaster
Orley Farm Preparatory School, Harrow, London

Anita Foster, Director – Primary and Early Years Education

Anita works with Early Years and Primary teachers through consultancy, training and project management, helping them explore opportunities for outdoor learning and embedding this in their curricula. She also works with schools to develop and improve their grounds, using a collaborative, holistic and sustainable process of change which engages the whole school community and provides numerous contextual learning experiences for pupils. Anita co-authored the publication Schools for the Future: Designing School Grounds with the Great Britain Department for Education and Skills.

Anita graduated with a BSc(Hons) in Biology with Education from the University of Bath in 1992. This teaching qualification coupled with a passion for the outdoors led her to focus on learning outside the classroom, developing programmes and managing education centres.

“Anita has been an invaluable source of information, advice and support in the development of our outdoor area. She has understood our vision and is guiding us on our journey.”

– Sandra Brown, Director, Ponteland Childcare Services, Northumberland

Jim Langley, Director – Secondary and Environmental Education

Jim has a passion for engaging groups with the natural world. He has worked with international schools; training teachers to use their local environments for learning, also running residential courses and expeditions for their students. Jim specialises in embedding outdoor learning in the secondary curriculum; also in the group and risk management associated with this.

He has published a range of educational resources to enable teachers to educate outside the classroom and is the co-author of  the publication Environmental Learning Cards, produced by the British Outdoor Education Advisors Panel. He is also an active STEM ambassador

Jim graduated from the University of Hull in 1993 with a BSc (Hons) in Applied Ecology. He worked with a wide range of students teaching field studies in Ecology, Geography and Science. In 2008 he gained an MSc (Distinction) in Conservation and Land Management from the University of Wales, Bangor.

“Jim… what a superb day. It was practical, educational, interactive and lots of fun! I now have a load of easily transferable ideas/activities I could share with my colleagues at school. I know the children will really enjoy them! Many many thanks for your knowledge, patience and good humour!

– Marion Sinclair, Lindley Festival of Outdoor Learning

Tim Deighton, Director – Adventure Education

Tim specialises in empowering and enabling teaching staff to build adventurous programmes of outdoor education for their schools.

He taught Geography in a secondary school as head of department regularly using the outdoor environment to develop the students’ learning. This led to a realisation that young people learn faster and at a deeper level by being immersed in real life experiences. Tim has run outdoor and adventurous education programmes for schools, drawing from the long tradition of outdoor education in Britain, since 2002.

Tim graduated from the University of Liverpool in 1991 with a BSc(Hons) in Physical Geography and gained a PGCE teaching qualification from Oxford  University in 1994.

“Tim’s work organising and delivering expeditions has provided life changing experiences for our students (and staff!)”

– Graham Little, Head of Outdoor Education, Palatine Community Sports College

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