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Welcome to Maximising Learning

Maximising Learning in Your School

We work to create socially competent, emotionally intelligent, entrepreneurial young people enabling your school to shine above all the others.

Maximising Learning enables and empowers teachers to utilise the most appropriate learning environments, wherever they may be.

Our Aims

  • To enhance students’ understanding, skills and knowledge through stimulating, contextual learning
  • To develop outdoor experiences that will help the children and young people in your school realise their full potential
  • To enable schools and their staff to achieve this; to maximise the teaching and learning potential of the outdoors.

We can work with you and your staff team to show them the world outside the classroom, and spot the infinite opportunities for learning that interacting with the real world presents. We will facilitate your staff feeling at home outside the classroom, using the outdoors to amaze, educate and inspire, but also in becoming confident to manage students and keep them safe.

How Do We Do This?

We have over 60 years experience in motivating and training staff to initiate, develop and run progressive outdoor and adventurous learning programmes – in schools , colleges and youth organisations – working with children and staff in a diverse range of environments from British classrooms and concrete playgrounds to the mountaintops of Europe and the Western Deserts of Egypt.

Why Outdoor and Adventure Learning?

The benefits of outdoor and adventure learning are widely acknowledged and accepted, and increasingly schools across the globe are realising the potential and opportunities that learning outside the classroom has to offer. Children and young people become engaged in their learning in a way that it just not possible inside the classroom. Outdoor learning can deliver the curriculum through creative, contextual activities which not only raise attainment, but also support the development of the whole child, increasing confidence and self-esteem, enhancing social and practical skills, and developing core skills such as communication, problem solving, leadership and teamwork.


For more information about outdoor learning, please take a look at the following websites:

About This Website

The examples and images on this website are all ours. They are about schools, staff and students, just like yours. They show people we have worked with, from a range of backgrounds, in a range of environments. When you look at a photo ask yourself, “Is this where I want to be?” If so, we can help you to explore your vision and make it a reality, and to get there your way.

“Outdoor learning can benefit pupils of all ages … enriches the curriculum and can improve classroom attainment”

House of Commons Education and Skills Committee

“I think outdoor education is the forgotten answer to some perennial questions. How do we broaden children’s horizons? How do we develop their self-confidence and self-respect? How can they learn to take risks and how do they develop teamwork skills, confidence and creativity that we know are essential for life and for work?”

Estelle Morris, former Education Secretary

“Out of classroom learning makes a unique contribution to a child’s education and offers many benefits to them, not least developing a sense of place and wonder for the world around them”

Barry Sheeman MP, Chairman of the Education and Skills Select Committee